General Election 2019


Introducing Dr Shaden Jaradat, your parliamentary candidate for Central...

Shaden said: "I was born in Jordan in 1979, and came to the UK in 1997. I did my A-levels in Brighton and a degree in Natural Sciences in Cambridge, followed by a PhD in Physics in Manchester. I live in the city with my wife and two daughters aged 2 and 7.

I have been working in Manchester Central since 2003, in one of the largest universities in the UK and biggest recruiters in Manchester. I currently work at the interface between academia and industry, giving me first-hand experience in how marrying up publicly-funded scientific research and private sector investment can unleash world-class innovation. It intensifies my belief that the greatness of this country is nurtured by partnership between government that provides excellent public services and private enterprise.

That is why I am proud to stand as the Conservative Party Candidate in Manchester Central – the cradle of the first industrial revolution, and the dynamo of the Northern Power House today. It is one of the most diverse places in the world, and I would be honoured to represent all its people, not as siloed communities, but as individuals and families with different aspirations for themselves, their children and loved ones."

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