Register to Vote in Person/Postal/Proxy

Use this section to apply to vote by post in future elections.
If you will be away on polling day, at work or on holiday, are physically unable or just don't have the time to get to a polling station to vote in person, you can still exercise your democratic right to vote. You may have moved house since the electoral register was drawn up and have not yet joined the register at your new address.
You can choose either to vote by post or to appoint someone else - a proxy - to vote on your behalf.
To find out more about voting by post, please visit the Government's official site at:
From this site, you can download an application form to vote by post.
Simply print the form out, complete the details and send it to the local Electoral Registration Officer at the local council's offices.
Manchester City Council, Town Hall, Albert Square, MANCHESTER M60 2LA, UK.    Telephone: 0161-234-3145. 

For information on how to vote via proxy please follow this link


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