The SNP will hold a weak Ed Miliband to ransom

Today's headlines make it clear: the SNP are planning to hold a weak Ed Miliband to ransom - and you'll pay for it.But you can stop it by voting Conservative. SHARE with friends to let them know.

The only way Ed Miliband can get into power

With Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, the only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the SNP propping him up.That would leave him at the mercy of their demands - and you'd pay for them with more taxes, more borrowin

Why won't they rule out a deal with the SNP?

Why won't Ed Miliband and his team rule out working with the SNP?The answer is clear: with Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, Ed Miliband has to be propped up by the SNP to get into power.We'll all pay for the SNP's de

MEP joins forces with blind and partially sighted in Manchester to call for better bus services

Jacqueline Foster MEP has joined forces with constituents from Manchester to call for more awareness among bus drivers of the needs of blind and partially sighted people. Jacqueline, who is the Conservative Party's Spokesman on Transport, met on Tuesday with Alba de Toro Nozal, from Manchester; Kimberley Burrows, from Salford and Lindsay Armstrong, Regional Campaigns Officer for the RNIB, following concerns that blind and partially sighted commuters are being left waiting at bus stops and not being given adequate information while onboard.

Withington Sunday Lunch

On Sunday 2nd November the City of Manchester Conservatives held a Sunday Lunch fundraiser at the Greenfinch, West Didsbury to raise funds for the Withington Constituency General Election campaign. More than 30 people came out for the event including members from across the City of Manchester, as well as friends and supporters from across Greater Manchester to enjoy a two course Sunday lunch, raffle and guest speech by Baronness Williams of Trafford.

Better Together

The campaign to keep our United Kingdom is the most important we could ever fight.

Better Together was an amazing group. The atmosphere at campaign HQ in Edinburgh was electrifying.

I've met so many lovely people and the sense of shared purpose was something I've never experienced before. I'll remember it for the rest of my life.

We all owe a huge thank-you to everyone who worked so hard for this great result.  In particular, I would like to thank our own Rob Manning who has been tireless in his support for the Union and led the way in supporting our Scottish friends.

Now we must continue to work together for a better Scotland and a stronger, happier UK.

Chairman Manchester Federation

Pre-Conference Brunch Invite

Manchester Conservatives (Gorton Constituency) are pleased to invite both members and friends for a complimentary brunch at Desi Foodies in Levenshulme.  All are welcome! Saturday 27th September 2014, 11am - 703 Stockport Road, M12 4QN

Statement on Situation in Manchester

In the wake of the recent events in Gaza there have been reports of boycotts and attacks directed against local businesses owned by members of the Jewish community. Manchester Conservatives believe that everyone in our city is entitled to live free from the threat of intimidation and violence. We do not think it is ever acceptable for groups to target individuals on the basis of their race and religion. We therefore condemn these boycotts and attacks which have no place in a civilised Britain.

Conservative Spokesman welcomes latest rail investment in North West

The Conservative Spokesman on Transport & Tourism, and North West MEP, Jacqueline Foster has welcomed the latest investment in the region's rail network.Jacqueline was speaking after a visit by David Cameron and George Osborne to Manchester's Victoria Station, to see how £44 million is being invested on it.Across the North West, more than £400 million is being invested in the electrification of the railways - with £160 million being spent on the Liverpool to Manchester line.Jacqueline said: "It was great to see our Prime Minister and Chancellor in Manchester this week, as the latest stage in our rail investment plans become a reality, after just nine miles of track were electrified by the last Labour Government."By the end of next year, this massive investment will see an extra 3,000 seats available at peak times between the North West's two main cities, while stations across the region, not least at Manchester Victoria, are benefitting from a long-overdue refurbishment.