Manchester Central Hustings

Manchester Central has seen its biggest hustings to date, organised by 38 degrees. Parliamentary hopefuls presented their answers to set questions asked by the organisers and affiliated groups, before taking questions from the two hundred plus strong audience. The topics discussed ranged from excessive surveillance and inequality to TTIP and climate change. Conservative party parliamentary candidate Xingang Wang answered all his questions with grace and enthusiasm, and in accordance with the party Manifesto. He came across as an honest candidate and possibly the only viable option for the electors in Manchester Central to vote for. Labour ex-MP and the “local star” Lucy Powell didn’t even bother to come, sending in a local candidate as her substitute. It’s not the first time in this election campaign that Labour bailed out from an event, sending in last minute sub. It just shows that Labour parliamentary candidates do not want their policies publically scrutinised, and it was the biggest disappointment of an otherwise interesting and informative evening. From the other panellist, who made it to the event, it’s worth mentioning the communist “loony”, openly calling for a Cuban style revolution and inciting a class war, preaching values of human life, but conveniently forgetting the millions of people communist regimes killed around the world. TUSC and Green candidates seemed to form a socialist front with their communist comrade, occasionally inviting the Pirate party candidate to join in. UKIP candidate didn’t bring anything new to the table, only offering a mix of old anti-immigration and isolationist policies as a cure for everything. The choice in Manchester Central can’t be much clearer and Xingang Wang and the Conservative party policies stood clearly head and shoulders above others.