General Election 2017 - Gorton


General Election 2017 Results/Source: BBC


Labour have neglected Manchester Gorton for decades, while the Liberal Democrats are a tried and failed alternative.

If the country elects Theresa May’s team, I believe I can offer Manchester Gorton a fresh start.

I’ll make sure Brexit works for Manchester, and will work with the Government to deliver what the people voted for. I won’t ignore the result like other parties.

I’ll also campaign for more investment in transport and for the town hall to slash parking charges to help boost local businesses.


Labour have failed locally and can’t even sort out potholes on our streets. It’s time for change in Manchester!

I will aim to create more apprenticeships and offer more opportunities for young people to get the skills they need, setting them up for success in their future careers.

I won’t let out area be forgotten any longer. Vote for me on Thursday 8th June and I’ll be the local champion that Manchester Gorton needs.

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Dr Shaden Jaradat