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Welcome to the website of Manchester Conservative Federation, covering the Parliamentary constituencies and council wards within Manchester. If you'd like to get in touch, please use the form on the contact page.

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Monday, 18 August, 2014
  In the wake of the recent events in Gaza there have been reports of boycotts and attacks directed against local businesses owned by members of the Jewish community.   Manchester Conservatives believe that everyone in our city is entitled to live free from the threat of intimidation and violence.   We do not think it is ever acceptable for groups to target individuals on the basis of their race and religion.   We therefore condemn these boycotts and attacks which have no place in a civilised Britain.   Nicholas Savage - Chairman, City of Manchester Conservatives  

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Monday, 19 May, 2014
Manchester Conservatives deliver a plan for change.  
Thursday, 3 April, 2014
Visit our new website to find out how the Budget will help you and your family

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Four years ago we inherited a welfare system from Labour that had totally failed. Labour wrote benefit cheque after benefit cheque – with 1.4 million...
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